Monday, November 4, 2013

Down The Trail
By Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat
Reprinted with Permission
Some cowboys herded longhorns up the dusty Chisholm Trail.
Some modern folks like trail rides, with horses head to tail.
But there’s a new kind of trail, now that the story’s spilt,
That carries the kind of folks who want to wrangle a barn quilt.
“What’s a barn quilt?” you say. Well, I surely didn’t know,
Until the topic came up here several months ago.
t seems a lady in Ohio took a quilt square design, and painted it upon a board.
It was ki
nd of like a sign.
Then that sign was placed upon the side of her barn,
And they called it a “barn quilt” to complete this truthful yarn.
These colorful barn quilts grew in popularity
And spread across the countryside for everyone to see.
Then people got together in a region or county,

To organize some trips to see the Barn quilt bounty.
They call them barn quilt trails, where people go and ride,
To see these pretty barn quilts sprinkled through the countryside.
Now the Flint Hills of Kansas has organized a group

So folks can see these pretty sights
As they travel in a loop.
We give thanks for artists, barn owners and others that this may entail,
And for those modern-day wranglers who travel

The barn quilt trail.
Happy (quilt) Trails!

(copyright 2013)

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