Friday, October 20, 2017

November 4th - Barn Quilt Class

"Art at the Stone Barn" barn quilts

painted November 4th.

The Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail

welcomes the opportunity to add these

barn quilts to Dickinson County!

Application on-line or by mail.
Photo by Lori Hambright, KSFHQT Dickinson Co Rep

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Check out Wilson County!

This community project was just put up last week in Fredonia.


It was a summer arts project with Fredonia Arts Council

and Wilson County Old Iron Club as sponsors.

The barn quilts are Underground Railroad patterns and were painted by students in the Fredonia and Neodesha school districts. The students learned to draw the patterns, apply the frog tape and picked their own colors.

Monday, August 28, 2017

New Barn Quilts

Recently, the hay barn at Tonganoxie Community Historical Society (TCHS) museum took a new look. Travelers on highway 16 from McLouth can look south as they come to the intersection of 24-40 to see the new look.

Three Barn Quilts now adorn the north wall of the barn. Since 2011, the north face of the barn was decorated with a canvas that celebrated the Kansas Sesquicentennial. Today, the barn celebrates the Glacial Hills Quilt Trail and becomes the centerpiece for the trail.

The designs for the three blocks on the barn were chosen by Jean Pearson, who has taught classes at the Historical Society for four years now. She also created the Glacial Hills Quilt Trail, similar to the Flint Hills Quilt Trail. Both trails can be found on the internet by their names.

The blocks chosen for the TCHS barn have special meaning and symbolism to the historical society. The block on the east is the Farmer’s Daughter. This quilt block first appeared in print in the Kansas City Star on March 16, 1935. The barn on which the barn blocks hang was built in 1932, replacing the very large barn which had been built by Frank Fairchild at the turn of the century. That barn burned in 1928.  

The granddaughter of the original dairy farmer came to own this property when it was passed on from her father, Archie Knox and his wife, Bessie, who operated the dairy farm until 1947.  In 1985, this barn, the milking parlor, and the silo, were donated to the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society by the farmer’s daughter, Mildred Young.

The centerpiece block is the Sunflower. There are many sunflower quilt patterns – this one best displays the vibrant colors of the sunflower. The wild native sunflower was designated the Kansas State Flower in 1903.  It greeted early settlers who traveled westward through Kansas on the many trails that crossed Kansas.

The block on the far west is the Double Aster.  Asters were cultivated in the eastern United States since colonial times. Relatives of these cultivated species grew abundantly on the Kansas prairies and were known as wild asters. Like the sunflower, the aster is a member of the Asteraceae family.

The barn blocks were painted by a group of TCHS members – Jean Pearson, Lloyd Pearson, Janet Stuke, Janet Burnett, Kris Roberts, and Brenda Shaw.

A Barn Quilt Class is being organized for this fall – interested persons should contact the museum 913-845-2960 or or visit the museum. The museum is open Sundays 1pm to -4pm, Tuesdays 9am to 4pm, and Wednesdays 9am to noon.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

8 x 8 Going Up!
Morris County
Kirby & Cindy Zimmerman
It looks AWESOME!!

Barn Quilt Brings High Price

At Geary County 4-H Fair Sale

Gracie Erichsen's 2' x 2' brought top dollar at the Geary County 4-H Fair with
Lyon's Angus Ranch & J C Livestock paying a premium price of $600.
The block will be displayed at the Sale Barn

Friday, July 28, 2017

2017 Central Kansas Free Fair

You Can Vote!
First-ever People's Choice Award
County Fair Barn Quilt Exhibition

Anyone may access and vote once, from today through Thursday, August 3rd.
The Barn Quilt Fan Favorite will be announced on Friday, August 4th

Go to:
Left tab "CKFF Barn Quilt Fan Favorite"

Central Kansas Free Fair
Barn Quilts
Join the KSFHQT

This "Sunflower" pattern barn quilt, painted by Lori Hambright,
 is displayed on Barn #10, 
Known as the "Open Class Barn" -  The first of
8 barn quilts in a series to be displayed at the fairgrounds.
More photos to come.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Kansas Guidebook 2"

The Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail

Is Featured In The New"Kansas Guidebook 2"

by Marci Penner & WenDee Rowe
"Thank you Marci & WenDee!"
Book Info Follows

 Kansas Guidebook 2 shares 4,500 places to visit

Co-authors Marci Penner and WenDee Rowe spent four years traveling to every one of the 626 incorporated cities in Kansas in addition to visiting several hundred spots in the country.  The result is The Kansas Guidebook 2 for Explorers, a project of the Inman-based Kansas Sampler Foundation.

The 480-page, coil-bound book weighs over two pounds and is chock full of information that will keep Kansas road trip enthusiasts busy for quite a long time.  Along with 4,500 entries that provide descriptions, directions, hours, and contact information, there are also more than 1,600 color pictures.  Rowe says, "Many people will be interested in the 843 restaurants, cafes, drive-ins, and soda fountains."

The book is designed to help achieve the mission of the Kansas Sampler Foundation which is to preserve and sustain rural culture. Penner says, "Though the book reads like a travel guide, it's intended to help people get to know the state and learn about towns of every size." Among the diverse entries, guidebook users will find historic bridges, beautiful statues, specialty shops, quirky sites, little known points-of-interest, cemetery finds, and back road scenic drives statewide. Rowe said, "There really is something for everyone whether you are looking for outdoor sites or ways to get to know a town.  The more a person interacts with the locals the more special a road trip can become."

To find retail stores that carry the book or to order online, go to 

Kansas Guidebook 2 for Explorers Co-authors – Marci Penner and WenDee Rowe
Number of entries – 4,500 Number of restaurants in those 4,500 entries – 843
Number of pictures – 1,700+
Number of incorporated Kansas cities – 515 of the 626
Number of unincorporated towns/ghost towns - 97
Published by the Kansas Sampler Foundation, Inman, Kansas, 2017.
Contact –, 620.585.2374 
The book is a project of the Inman-based public non-profit Kansas Sampler Foundation, a 501c3. 
Research – Marci and WenDee traveled to every one of the 626 incorporated cities in Kansas from 2012- 2015. 
Previous guidebooks by Kansas Sampler Foundation: 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook (2011); Kansas Guidebook for Explorers (2005). Retail price - $29.95 
Summary – The mission of the Kansas Sampler Foundation is to preserve and sustain rural culture and though this book reads like a travel book it’s really a guide to knowing Kansas. Directions, hours, phone numbers and web sites are included. Our goal is to make it easy to know what there is to see and do around the state and easy to get there. All entries fit in our eight rural culture element categories of architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customs, geography, history and people.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thank You
To the Plumlee's for displaying
Our first KSFHQT "road sign!"
Watch from Interstate on the south side
just west of the 99/Wamego & Alma exit.
visit them at