Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Thank you!
To Ron & Chris Wilson
For sharing the barn quilt history
at Lazy T Ranch!

See their story:

Stalking the Elusive Barn Quilt

By Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat

It’s not exactly hunting, in the sense of bow or gun,
But it does involve a search, and it is a lot of fun.
It’s called a Barn Quilt Trail and they’re found across the nation,
As people seek them out as a tourist destination.
It starts with people choosing a nice quilt square design,
And painting them on panels in colors nice and fine.
Then those panels are hung on the side of barn or shed,
Where they’re available for viewing by the public, as I said.
And when there’s several in a region on a route that might entail,
It becomes what people now refer to as a Barn Quilt Trail.
It started in Ohio and the concept traveled west,
Where many quilts now stand as they await the traveler’s quest.
It seems there’s been a lot of action on the barn quilt front,
As people seek them out for a tourist barn quilt hunt.
You don’t need a hunting license in this quest to prevail.
A book, website or friend can guide you on the Barn Quilt Trail.

Happy Trails!
© Copyright 2016

Follow The KSFHQT Barn Quilt Trail!

Follow The

KSFHQT Barn Quilt Trail!

 As the June 2020 issue of
"Country Living" suggests:
Research barn quilt trails near you!

The Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail invites you
to enjoy drives through the Flint Hills
enjoying the barn quilt art!