Morris & Pottawatomie County Barn Quilts
"Farmer's Daughter"
Hazel Zimmerman, 1128 D Ave, Alta Vista KS 66834
The barn, built around 1900, has been in the family 63 years, since 1950.
It was originally built as a horse barn, served the family as a milk barn for 35 years, and is currently used for storage.

Hazel Zimmerman, 1128 D Ave, Alta Vista KS 66834
This machine shed was added to the family farm in 1961.

Front Yard Star
Front Yard Star in reverse

"God Loves"
Dwight United Methodist Church, 501 7th Street, Dwight KS 66849
The 4 x 4 quilt block was designed and made by church member
and artist, Cher Heller Olson, to display at the church built in 1912.
Read more about the mission of this quilt block.

"Summer Heat"
Dwight United Methodist Church, 501 7th Street, Dwight KS 66849
Artist: Marylin Andres
The quilts, including 3 small painted flower quilts, are located in a garden area
next to a ramp leading into the Fellowship Hall.
This block has moved to
Alta Vista, Wabaunsee County

"Dwight Sunflower 4-H Club" painted by Angela Moore
"Dwight Masonic Lodge Emblems" painted by Cher Heller Olson - this block has moved
to Alta Vista, Wabaunsee County.
The 4-H block is displayed on the historic Dwight Masonic Lodge #374 building
304 7th Street, Dwight KS 66849. The Mason block has moved to Alta Vista.
The Dwight Masons were organized and chartered in 1906, and have owned the building site
since 1909. The building was rebuilt in November 1910, after fire destroyed the original building in February 1910.

"Winding Path"
Brenda & Dave Kirk, 262 U S Hwy 56, Council Grove, KS 66846
(4 miles east of Council Grove)
Artist: Marylin Andres
Marylin mounted this quilt block on her daughter's red barn as a
surprise birthday gift.

"Ozark Trails with Cross"
Shirley M. Stiver, 1231 Donnon St., Council Grove, KS 66846
This residence has been in the family for 118 years.
The native stone and wood garage and wash house,
used for storage, was built around 1920.
Shirley adds, "The family lived in the room above the garage
when the original homestead burned down.
"Our Brand"
Shirley Thompson & Carol Pape, 323 Preston, Council Grove KS 66846
Artist: Angelina Zimmerman
The brand stands for Shirley Thompson and Carol Pape. Angelina's Mother,
Shirley, came up with the brand when the couple got together. She wrote it on a
piece of paper, and Carol still has that piece of paper in  his wallet.

"Celtic Sunrise &  Southern Skies"
Dara Lowry, 705 E Main, Council Grove KS 66846

"Twisted Star, "Country Patriotic Flag" and "Twisting Star Surprise"
Kirby & Cindy Zimmerman, 280 S 1100 Rd, Alta Vista KS 66834
"Twisting Star Surprise"
Artist: Connie Larson

"Americana Alpine Goat"
Artist: Sharon Heidemann
Puckett Farms, 1584 S 1000 Rd, Council Grove KS 66846
The Dairy barn, used now as a goat dairy barn, was built in 1960 using recycled wood
from another barn. The goat dairy started in 1990 as a 4H project and grew. The farm raises
registered American Alpine dairy goats, where breeding stock has been sold all over the US,
as well as exported overseas. Raw goat milk is sold at the farm.
"Star Burst"
Artist: Lindsey Wilson
Clyde and Ardella Kasten, 1169 S 2600 Rd, White City KS 66872

"Tracks of the Covered Wagon"
Artist: Debbie Adcock
Council Grove/Morris County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
207 West Main St, Council Grove KS 66846
This building was a Boot, Shoes & Clothing Store in 1908 and Dry Goods Store in 1914.
In the 1930's-1940's it was a Gambles Store. Currently the building is the home of the
Council Grove/Morris County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism,and the Visitors Center
for Council Grove and Morris County,
This was one of many buildings rebuilt on sites in the Council Grove business district that were destroyed by a flood in 1903. The following is an article from the Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 30 May 1903.


Terrible Flood Visits Council Grove, Kas.

Council Grove, Kas., May 29. 1903 - The loss by flood in Morris County is estimated at $1,000,000. Four persons were drowned here last night, Edward Clements perished while endeavoring to save his daughter. Ralph Phillips, while trying to rescue a little girl named Woods, was drowned with her. A baby was found dead in the Missouri Pacific yards.

Slacking lime set fire to the M.R. Smith lumber yard, which burned, together with the Farmers and Drovers bank, the Indicator Store and Robbins drug store, the total loss being $50,000. The big Main street bridge over the Neosho river went down. All the business houses were flooded.

Miles of Missouri Pacific and Katy tracks were washed out. More than 100 houses are under water and twenty have floated away.

"Neosho's Aster, Snail's Trail Pansy & Chrysanthemum"
Neosho Gardens, 611 North Union, Council Grove KS 66846
Artist: Connie Larson
Since 1981 Neosho Gardens has been supplying customers with an array of vibrant plants
and flowers. Neosho Gardens is a wholesale nursery, with a retail shop, Grove Gardens,
located at 401 W. Main Street, Council Grove.

"Cosgrove Farms Bull's Eye"
Artists: Linda Cosgrove and Friends from the Class of 1969
Cosgrove Farm Equipment, 900 N Union, Council Grove KS 66846
(north edge of Council Grove along Hwy 177)
Cosgrove Farm Company is also known as Old Homestead Ranch, which
was homesteaded in 1859. The sale of used equipment is only one aspect of
Cosgrove Farm Company. Other entities include running the local grain
elevator besides farming and ranching.

"Patriotic Star"
Artist: Cindy Zimmerman
Adams Homestore, Inc.,  203 East Main, Council Grove KS 66846
Shop over 12,000 square feet of retail space or shop on-line 24/7
Family owned and operated since 1969

"3D Geo-Flower"
Patricia & Carl Smitheran, 1479 S 975 Rd, Council Grove KS 66846
This hobby shop, storage and honey bee barn was built in 2003 on property
that has been in the family for 46 years. The addition of two honey bee
hives to the interior of the hobby shop necessitated the conversion to a
barn. An appropriate flower design barn quilt found on the internet was
in order!

"Z's Powercat"
Calvin & Vicki Zimmerman, 1045 KS-4, Alta Vista KS 66834
Artist: Connie Larson
Calvin & Vicki, Powercat fans, have made this farm their home since they married in 1978.
They raised their three children on this farm, and now enjoy the grandchildren spending time
on the family farm.

"Modified Santa Fe Trail"
Trail Days Historic Site, 803 W Main St, Council Grove KS 66846
Artists: Sharon Heidemann & Shirley McClintock
This barn was built in 1998 to house a 1858 log house, by the Atkinson family,
their friends and neighbors and by other volunteers associated with the Trail Days Historic Site.
Visit the website


"Star of Bethlehem/Lone Star"
Mary Kay Davignon, 206 Watersedge Loop D17, Council Grove KS 66846
Mary painted this barn quilt and placed it to commemorate their new garage. She
chose the patterns as she is a long-time quilter and this is one of her favorite quilts
that she has made many times over the years. It seemed appropriate to make her
first barn quilt using her favorite pattern. The quilt is a 4 foot square. This small
lake cottage was added on to beginning in 1996, and Davignon's purchased the
property in 2016, doing renovations and adding the garage.
GPS coordinates: 38.6 738 558, - 96.5 646 087


"Modified Kansas Star"
Tom & Kathy Biehler, 3153 US Hwy 56, Herington KS 67449
The barn quilt designed by Kathy Biehler displays the TK Valley brand
in the center. The barn, built in the 1930's, is located on the farm the
Biehler's have owned for 26 years.


"Circle P," "Farmer's Daughter," & "Redbird" (photo below)
Donald & Wanda Platz, 2274 US Hwy 56, Herington KS 67449
Artist: Wanda Platz; painter Connie Larson; Redbird - Unknown & Wanda Platz
The Platz "Circle P" barn quilt, designed by Wanda, is displayed along the highway for seasonal display, on the family farm of 40 years.  Also displayed on the farm is "Farmer's Daughter," and a "Redbird" barn quilt that is one of  Wanda's favorites.


 "Circle P"
Joey Platz, 2138 Hwy 56, Herington KS 67449
Artist: Wanda Platz, Painter, Connie Larson
This farm has been in the Platz family for two years, and the barn, originally a dairy
barn is used for general farm use now. The Platz "Circle P" barn quilts were designed
by Wanda Platz.

"Twisted Star"
Taylor Farm, Connie & Paul Taylor
14605 Highway 13, Olsburg KS 66520
The Taylor Farm was established in 1996.
The quilt block was a surprise Christmas gift from Connie's daughter,
Sonja Frager of Morrowville. 
City of Westmoreland, Pottawatomie County
"Star of the Night," located at the corner of Walnut St & North, Westmoreland, KS
"Farm Angel"
City of Westmoreland, located at 407 Hwy 99, Westmoreland, KS

"Dove In The Window"
City of Westmoreland, located at 201 Main, Westmoreland KS 66549

 "Wagon Wheel"
City of Westmoreland, located at 613 Campbell, Westmoreland, KS 66849


"Warpole Sampler" -  Blocks are: Arrowheads - "Dagger" - Hunter's Star
Dale & Connie Larson, 620 Warpole Rd, Olsburg KS 66520
Please call 785-532-8393 to drive in to see


Union State Bank, 204 E Hwy 16, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Tami Howland
The Union State Bank is proud of its service to the community and its
long-standing relationship with its customers. Thence the name of
the quilt block - "Community."
(Click here to read more about the Union State Bank history)

"Family Tree Of Life"
Victor and Claudia Janousek, 20795 Major Jenkins Rd, Onaga KS 66521
Claudia says she chose the Tree of Life pattern because their house sits
at the intersection of Lone Tree Road and Major Jenkins Road
 but mainly because of her love of genealogy.
The top of the tree is left off because in genealogy, there are few families who
can complete their family tree.
The Teske Farmstead was purchased in 2003 by the Janousek's.
The farmstead as a whole was nominated to the National Register of Historical Places
in April 2009, and in 2011 the barn was honored to serve as the masthead banner
on the Green Acres Publication.
"Neighbor's Pinwheel"
Lynn Burklund, 15995 Dry Creek Rd, Olsburg Kansas 66520
Artist: Connie Larson
The Burklund Family has been part of the Dry Creek, Garrison area
for many years.
"Swedish Pride"
Olsburg City Pool, 205 D St., Olsburg KS 66520
Artists: Blue Valley Family Consumer Science Class, Jeanne Dowell Instructor

"Friendship Star"
Jim and Diana Nelson, 412 3rd St, Olsburg KS 66520
"Double Windmill"
Pat Gibbs, 1510 Hwy 16, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson

"Patriotic Americana"
Paul & Joyce Maginness, 8930 4th St., Fostoria KS 66549
Artist: Bobbi Prinz
This block, located across the road from the house, on the SE corner of the block at 4th St and Maple,
is located on property that has been in the Maginness Family for 44 years.
"Air Castle"
Jeanne & Don Dowell, 221 Cedar, Olsburg KS 66520
The block is displayed on the garage.
"Ruby's Legacy"
Barb Rickstrew, 6100 Lewis Wilson Rd, Wamego KS 66547
Barb chose the color scheme for this block to represent the birthstones
of 4 generations of family members. The Rickstrew Family has owned
this property for 25 years, where this building has been used for a chicken
house and cow shed, and currently used as a shop.
"Friendship Star"
Charlotte Braddock, 7955 Swede Rd, Olsburg KS 66520
This barn, originally a cow barn, has been in the Braddock Family for over 40 years.

Nelson's Family Farm
Tom & Donica Nelson, 17705 Shannon Creek Rd, Olsburg KS 66520
October Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch - 2017 hours - Sundays 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
(new location to come)
All About Quilts Shop & Retreat Center, 8651 Hwy 24, Manhattan KS 66502
Artist: Sue Hageman, Original quilt block patterns by Karen Malone.
This block is moving to the quilt shop new location

"Pink Magnolia"
(new location to come)
Quilts & Crafts, Donna Goehring, 806 4th St, Wamego KS 66547
Donna has operated her quilt shop out of this 1900's building for five years.
This limestone building was originally built to be a tavern, Bucket of Blood.
"The L Star"
Lowry's, 200 Elm St., Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson

"Farmer's Star"
Family Farm, 8155 Flush Road, St. George KS 66535
Artist: Marty Reed
This farm has been in the Ebert Family for over 100 years.
The barn was built by Charles Ebert in 1910 to house cows, horses, grain and hay. He also used part of the barn to milk his cows. Currently it is used to store hay, straw. grain and various other supplies. Charles Ebert bought the farm from his father-in-law in 1902, and he sold the farm to his son Kenneth Ebert in 1946, the barn took on many roles. The hayloft was used to store alfalfa and straw, but a basketball game or two was played in that hayloft too! A couple of cows continued to be milked in his barn. And when Kenneth's family was in 4-H, the 4-H steers were housed in the barn as well. During lambing season, the sheep that were about to lamb were kept in the barn. Each night before bed, the Ebert boys could be found in the barn making sure baby lambs arrived safely. The farm received the century farm award in 2005. Kenneth and Dorothy Ebert's children inherited the farm in 2008, and it remains in the family today.

"Three and Six, Martha Washington, Churn Dash & Dutchman's Puzzle"
Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library, 308 2nd Street, Olsburg KS 66520
The blocks that the Olsburg Extension Club has on display currently are:
Three and Six painted by Gretchen Lally
Martha Washington painted by Charlotte Braddock
Churn Dash painted by Charlotte Braddock
Dutchman's Puzzle painted by Becky Avery
The Library hours are:  Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00;  12:30-3:30 ; and 5:30 –7:30
"Clay's Choice & Kansas"
DeasignsBoutique, 217 Leonard, Onaga KS 66521
Dea Graf, owner of the boutique, offers her services of machine quilting and gifts
for sale, including handsewn and quilted items.

Prairie Winds Gardens, Rick & Irene Johnson, 15355 Booth Creek Rd, Olsburg KS 66520
The highlight of the Prairie Winds Gardens are the hundreds of daylily blooms in July.
The Johnson's offer many of their daylily varieties for sale. The barn quilts are viewed from
the porch of the gift shop on the property that is open year round by calling 785-468-3692.

"1880 Flag"
Olsburg City Hall, 317 2nd St, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Charlotte Braddock
The city owned building was built in the 1970's, originally a fire station, now the city hall.
The city hall is used by the community for classes, meetings, card parties, PRIDE and

"Pierced Star" (front of house viewed from D Street)
"Crystal Star, Christmas Star, Broken Star" (front of garage viewed from D Street)
"Christmas Star" (back of garden shed viewed from Main Street)
Carol Kincaid, 101 D Street & Main Street, Olsburg KS 66520

"Swedish Traditions"
Traditions Beauty Shop & Bittersweet Lane Candles & Gifts
411 2nd Street, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Reona Johnson
The barn quilt may be viewed on the garage next to the Traditions Beauty Shop,
formerly Dot's Beauty Shop. The shop hours are Tuesday - Saturday 785-468-3344
"Sister's Love"

"Pallet Wood Sun"
Artist: Sam Kellogg
"Sister's Love
 Artist: Renae Schmid
Sam & Beverly Graves, 204 Fir Street, Olsburg KS 66520
"Sister's Love" is proudly displayed on the west side of the Kellogg home, painted \
by Bev's sister, Renae Schmid.

"Greenwood Pride"
Greenwood Park (City of Olsburg), Hwy 16, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson
The barn quilt may be viewed in Greenwood Park on Highway 16 just west of Olsburg.
The block was painted to honor all the volunteers that have been instrumental in keeping
this Park open to the public. Numerous individuals, families and organizations
have contributed in various ways to the Park with the charter dating back to 1884.
Early 1900's history records the park hosting July 4th celebrations and annual
Old Soldiers and Old Settler's Reunions. Unfortunately the Park went through a period
of neglect and in the early 1960's there was renewed interest in the Park, and since then
the Park has gone through many improvements such as a shelter, electricity and
camping spaces.
"Card Trick"
Mylene Larson, 15600 Carnahan Rd, Olsburg Kansas 66520
Artist: Charlotte Braddock
"Farmers Daughter"
Parry Farm, 3657 Lake Elbo Road, Manhattan KS 66502
Artist: Marty Reed
This property has been in the family since 1946, currently the third generation. The barn is
over 100 years old, and quite visible from Highway 24. The barn still in use, was originally
built for hay storage and a milk barn. Currently the owners host a farmer's market across
the road featuring home grown and home made produce, including fresh veggies in season.

"The Farmhouse"
The Farmhouse, 400 2nd St, Olsburg KS 66520
More info, including business hours to come. You may find The Farmhouse on Facebook.
"Rippling Water"
Pottawatomie County RWD #2, 309 2nd Street, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson
(barn quilt has been relocated)
"Bobbi's Powercat"
Bill Prinz, has moved to Manhattan - location to be announced
Artist: Connie Larson
Bill displays the Powercat to honor Bobbi who was a Wildcat fan. Bobbi was
a barn quilt artist and promoted the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail. She passed
away December 2016.

Bill Prinz, Otter Lake Rd, Westmoreland KS 66849
The barn quilts are displayed on the Prinz barn to honor Bobbi, who
passed away in December 2016. Bobbi was a Pottawatomie County Rep
for the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail, and taught many barn quilt classes.
The two barn quilts in the center were painted by Bobbi.
The two barn quilts on the outside were started by Bobbi and
finished by Connie Larson. The barn quilt on the end of
the barn was painted by Connie Larson at Bill's request.
Tuttle Creek Developers, 429 Kansas Highway 16, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson

"Deep Well Sunflower"
Deep Well Veterinary Service, Dr. Ann Buchanan, 8355 Highway 16, Olsburg KS 66520
Artists: Taylor Bryant and Connie Larson
Deep Well Veterinary Service is a large and small animal care clinic. Appointments are
available Monday - Friday 8 to 5 and Saturday 12 - 4 p.m. Emergency services provided.

"Rolling Star"
Olsburg City Building, 406 2nd Street, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson


American Legion, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson


"Star of Olsburg"
Twin Valley Telephone, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson


"Blue Valley Star"
Artist: Taylor Bryant
Floyd and Julie Munson, 12245 Booth Creek Road, Olsburg KS 66520
Floyd and Julie have lived on this land for 26 years. Floyd's parents first bought the land in the 1920's and Floyd purchased the land from his parents in the late 1950's. Floyd and his brother and sister were born on this property. Floyd and Julie add, "the quilt is very pretty, and we really enjoy it."


"BVE Star"
Artist: Martha Turner
Blue Valley Electric, 300 4th Street, Olsburg KS 66520
Blue Valley Electric started as an electrical contracting business in 1962 by Clark
Blockcolsky. Electrical supplies became available in a back room of their family home and
in the mid 1960's the company expanded to include a lumberyard. Clark's children,
Martha Turner and Lyle Blockcolsky joined the business in the early 1980's.
The current showroom was built in 1998. In 2020, Lyle, Martha and Martha's
daughter, Laura, continue to run the business.
Blue Valley Electric strives to be a helpful establishment to the Olsburg community
and the surrounding area.


"Crown of Thorns"
Lisa Kovatch, 25082 Oregon Trail Rd, St. Mary's KS 66536
The Kovatch Family came to this location 10 years ago from CT, and this horse barn;storage
building was built in 2006. Lisa started making barn quilts as she recovered from breast
cancer surgery.


Justin Booth, 705 2nd St, Olsburg KS 66520
Artist: Connie Larson
Justin won this 4' x 4' barn quilt in a drawing benefiting the Olsburg Pride
swimming pool.


"Windmill Pair"
Associated Drilling, 201 Industrial Drive, Olsburg KS 66520
Artists: Jeanne Dowell & Nanette York (Rock Creek student)
Associated Drilling is located just east of Olsburg and has been in
business a number of years. This storage building, previously a
clothing factory,  was acquired by Associated Drilling in 2017.


Artist: Connie Larson
Jeff and Tami Howland, 12470 Carnahan Rd, Olsburg KS 66520
Tami purchased this barn quilt at a Olsburg Pride Auction 2021

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